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    Anhui Shindo Sustainable Development

    --Anhui Shindo Chemical Co.,Ltd

    Anhui Shindo Chemical Co., Ltd. as a socially responsible company, has set environmental sustainability as one of our top-priority strategic target. Global climate change, water scarcity make us clearly understand that we have the responsibility to manage the impact of corporate behavior on the environment.
    By reducing carbon emissions, more efficient use of resources, we can reduce business costs, enhance competitiveness, and get trust from community, customers and related parties in our business activities.
    So we developed a preliminary plan of the environmental sustainability, to reduce carbon emissions, reduce water usage and reduce waste generation. This will become part of our company values chain. We will control the use of raw materials and water, our impact on suppliers and our control of carbon emissions to achieve our initial goals. our employees and our business partners will work together to our goal.
    Our company's initial target of environmental sustainability
    1. Carbon emission
    Until 2018, reduce 3% of carbon emissions every year.
    2. Water resources and other natural resources
    Until 2018, reduce 5% of water resources and other natural resources every year.
    3. Energy
    Until 2018, reduce 5% every year.
    4. Solid and liquid waste
    Until 2018, reduce 3% every year.
    In order to achieve above objectives, Anhui Shindo Chemical Co., Ltd. will take following actions:
    1. By working with our R & D cooperation unit (Nanjing trihedral Chemical Technology Co., Ltd)., our company will improve our product technology, reduce using raw materials, water and energy, and improve product yield.
    2. By working with our R & D cooperation unit (Nanjing trihedral Chemical Technology Co., Ltd). Our company try to find and develop green technology, using Low environmentally impact materials and processes in place of dangerous chemical materials and dangerous chemical process.
    3. Our company try to find the appropriate method to recycle process solvents and mother liquor, By full using of resources to reduce the impact on the environment
    4. Strengthen our management of our raw material suppliers. We strengthen communication and cooperation with our raw material suppliers, prompt environmental impact of our raw materials suppliers.
    5. Strengthen our company's management system and education. To develop the awareness and habits of saving. training of staff awareness and saving To promote our employees, whether at work or in normal life, save water, save electricity, save the use of resources, try to use common means of transport, do not waste food.
    6. Our company will control employee's travel. Unnecessary travel is not approval. Because employee's travel also generate carbon emissions
    7. Our products shipped to customers will also generate carbon emissions. We will give priority to select low environmental impact transport method

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